Our Leaders

Who is High10?

A Business Agency formed by Growth Advisors.

We strive to act first and foremost as a business partner who solves real business problems and truly functions as an extension of our clients.

High10 was formed as a partnership of people with extensive experience at traditional agencies—which we left because those agencies are mired in decades of ingrained structures trying to adapt to today’s landscape—and overwhelming curiosity and bleeding edge expertise about online and digital opportunities.

To accomplish this, High10 was built from the ground up to be an integration of agility, data, and creativity, all moving forward to accelerate your business growth.

Our foundational services blend capabilities around creative, technology, and data, but the catalyst that puts all that expertise into practice to benefit our clients is our paid media placement and digital marketing services.
We take a hands-on approach to ensure High10 is always on the same page with our clients, laser-focused on the business objective at hand. We work to understand the objectives our clients want to accomplish and work backward to the impact that must be made to optimize against performance.

High10 bases its KPIs on business outcomes, not vanity metrics like clicks or impressions. Our clients aren’t looking for fluffy marketing numbers. They want an agency partner who will drive the actual business, who can define the opportunity or challenge accurately, and then solve for it.

Eric Gunderson, Chief Executive Officer

Eric brings nearly 25 years of experience in digital and traditional marketing services to High10, after working with nationally recognized brands in the beverage alcohol, pharmaceutical, healthcare, financial and sporting goods industries.

Eric saw the need for a company like High10 after working with other digital firms that regularly failed to use the data available to them to leverage on behalf of their clients. He sought out like-minded individuals who shared the skills and experience to help him bring his vision to life, and High10 was formed.

He believes a successful marketing firm must be client-centric in its mission to deliver real-world results, and works to reinforce this culture at High10 on a daily basis. He is the catalyst for the company’s “Do Different. Do Better. Do Right by the Client.” principle.

Shawn Wilkie, Chief Operating Officer

Shawn has been responsible for strategic analysis and brand development for multi-million dollar accounts in the consumer packaged goods, healthcare, beverage alcohol, restaurant and tobacco industries. His 25 years as an advertising executive have honed his ability to filter mounds of data, recognizing patterns and discovering solutions where others see only complexity.

Shawn works to develop and implement departmental policies within High10 that will allow it to fulfill its client-centric mission. He uses his experience across multiple industries to help craft digital marketing plans and effective solutions for all High10’s clients, and regularly analyzes their business results to recommend appropriate modifications to their digital marketing efforts.

Shawn believes the only beneficial relationship for a client is one that grows their business.

Mandy Jackson, VP/Director Of Client Relationships

Mandy and the team she manages are the “go-to” resource for information, guidance and assistance with digital marketing campaigns for High10’s clients. She monitors and maintains the ongoing efforts for each client, analyzing the data they generate and tracking industry trends to ensure that the solutions High10 recommends are always making progress toward the goal of achieving the clients’ business objectives.

Mandy finds her greatest joy in building strong relationships with clients and is quick to step in to help alleviate tasks (and reduce stress) from their workloads. She efficiently makes certain all clients’ needs are immediately addressed, and is proud of how effective High10’s efforts are. Feedback from High10’s clients is consistently outstanding, which only serves to inspire her to work even smarter and harder for them.

Mandy is the living embodiment of High10’s “Do Right by the Client” philosophy.

Lara Metrovich, Director of Media

Lara’s background includes nearly ten years in client and media relations. Lara’s initial career points include behavioral health and marketing for nonprofits before joining the High10 team in 2019. Her background, experience, and deep understanding of how the mind works has proven to be incredibly valuable to our clients in understanding how a message will resonate with a target audience. Combining this understanding with her creative flare and passion for internalizing client’s business goals, Lara carefully constructs campaigns to get the right message in front of the right audience.

Lara’s proudest moments are seeing the results of the efforts the High10 team creates and connecting those efforts to the businesses’ revenue. Her mindset of “whatever it takes” keeps her agile to ever-changing trends and marketing platforms in digital, and how best to apply those tactics to our clients to meet and exceed their goals.

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