About Us

Our mission is to foster mutually beneficial relationships with clients by providing leadership, communication, transparency, urgency, and a sincere desire to succeed everyday.


Our Mission

Our mission is to foster mutually beneficial relationships with clients by providing leadership, communication, transparency, urgency, and a sincere desire to succeed everyday.
High10 Digital Mission Statement About Us

Who is High10?

A Business Agency formed by Growth Advisors.

We strive to act first and foremost as a business partner who solves real business problems and functions as a true extension of our clients.

High10 Digital A Business Agency formed by Growth Advisors

High10 was formed as a partnership of people 1) with extensive experience at traditional agencies—which we left because those agencies are mired in decades of ingrained structures trying to adapt to today’s landscape—and 2) overwhelming curiosity and bleeding edge expertise about online and digital opportunities.

To accomplish this, High10 was built from the ground up to be an integration of agility and data, moving forward together to accelerate your business growth.

Our foundational services blend capabilities around research, technology, and data, but the catalyst that puts all that expertise into practice to benefit our clients is our paid media placement and digital marketing services.

Growth Advisors Deliver Measurable Business Outcomes

We take a hands-on approach to ensure High10 is always on the same page with our clients, laser-focused on the business objective at hand.

High10 bases our KPIs on business outcomes, not vanity metrics like impressions. Our clients aren’t looking for fluffy marketing numbers. They want an agency partner who will drive the actual business, who can define the opportunity or challenge accurately, and then solve for it.

Power Up with High10's Performance Partnership

We activate data to provide actionable insights with measurable ROI.

High10 conducts deep research and intelligence-gathering around your business goals to identify opportunities for success. But we don’t just gather data, we put it to work for you.

Sparked by research, we create a holistic view of your industry, competition, and target market. These insights enable us to propose unique, highly-targeted strategies for reaching your business objectives. We then work side-by-side with your team to enhance your decision making, creating and implementing ever-evolving tactics that are continually measured, adjusted, and reignited to reach desired business outcomes.

Our approach is High Tech + High Touch. Our name is High10.

Leadership Team

High10 Digital - Team-Mandy Jackson VP, Director of Client Relationships

Mandy Jackson

VP, Director of Client Relationships
High10 Digital - Team-Lara Metrovich Director of Media

Lara Metrovich

Director of Media

Dana Cliff

Account Supervisor

David Lowe

Director of Strategy & Analytics
High10 Digital - Team-Kate Hatter Digital Marketing Manager

Kate Hatter

Digital Marketing Manager

Megan Mahle

Assistant Account Manager

High10's Commitment to Sustainability

At High10, we believe that even small businesses can make a big impact…by minimizing our impact on the world. While our physical footprint may be light, we recognize the digital world has an environmental cost. That's why we're committed to operating sustainably and using our capabilities to promote a greener future.

Our Goals:

Reduce our Carbon Footprint: We're optimizing our workflows and server utilization to minimize energy consumption. We're also exploring renewable energy options to power our operations. We’ve implemented a comprehensive recycling program in our office, and we have all employees work a hybrid schedule to lower harmful emission output.
Promote Sustainable Practices: Because it’s not just important for the environment but also important to target audiences, we've made a habit of integrating sustainability into our clients’ campaigns, encouraging eco-conscious practices and highlighting environmentally responsible businesses.
Embrace Green Technology: We prioritize cloud-based solutions and invest in energy-efficient hardware.
Educate and Advocate: We'll share our sustainability journey with our clients and partners, inspiring others to join the movement.
We understand that sustainability is an ongoing journey, and we're committed to continuously improving our practices. By working together, we can create a more sustainable future for our clients, our communities, and the planet.

Track Campaigns, Replicate Success

Digital advertising provides the means for the most measurable ROI (also sometimes called ROAS, or Return on Ad Spend). We use industry standard benchmarks as our measuring stick to project campaign outcomes in terms of KPIs that show real, measurable progress toward your business goals—and then we commit to finding ways to exceed those benchmarks on an ongoing basis.
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We know most agency websites sound like they say the same thing, so it can be hard to know what to believe. We'd much prefer to have the opportunity to show you how we think and work.
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