Data-Driven Strategy and Analytics Drive Marketing Insights

Are you swimming in a sea of customer data, yet stuck with little to no expertise in how to leverage it? This is the difference between being a data-driven company and a company that just happens to have a lot of data. High10 Digital’s data-centric approach is here to put your data to work for you!

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Data Centricity is the extent to which an organization is culturally and operationally oriented to apply audience data as a source of actionable insight in support of audience engagement, advertising, marketing, and broader enterprise focuses. Achieving true data centricity requires much more than just a team of data scientists.


Data is crucial to guiding business decisions

While almost every marketer today knows that data is crucial to guiding business decisions, very few have plans or people in place to take advantage of it.

The High10 team utilizes objective real-time data, our hard-won expertise, and a set of sophisticated analytical tools to identify opportunities and trends within your industry as they are occurring. High10 precisely calibrates the best marketing strategy and digital marketing tactics to capitalize on these trends in industry, competitive and consumer data. 

Just as importantly, we recommend methods to collect additional data that will help us chart the course to achieving your business objectives through more effective digital marketing.


High10’s approach to marketing for our clients is focused on building value creation strategies, drawn from powerful information and compelling analytics. 

High10 uses customer and online data to create a customized marketing strategy, identifying the ideal set of initiatives and reinventing how digital marketing impacts your business.


High10 recognizes that digital marketing firms often present what they do as something mysterious (bordering on magical), as if it’s beyond the ability of “normal” people to comprehend. 

We believe in the opposite approach: we want to create clarity for you by demystifying digital marketing, providing you with simple reporting and clear data analysis with actionable follow-ups. The result? You replace your digital expense with a digital investment, and trade less meaningful “soft measure” vanity metrics for KPIs that help evaluate actual return on your digital marketing investment.


While High10 believes that the most effective digital tactics will continuously change over time—and we’re best equipped to guide the changes in your plans necessary to take advantage of them—search engine optimization (SEO) is currently at the core of all our recommendations. By thoroughly optimizing your website, our seasoned team of digital experts can reach and attract precisely the right audience at the moment they’re seeking a solution to their problem. 

Then we collect and analyze the data generated by that activity, both on your site and off. This allows us to craft and refine digital strategies to enhance not just your marketing, but even your sales and operations—for results that go beyond brand awareness to conversion and lead generation.

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