Data-Driven Strategy and Analytics Drive Marketing Insights

As a company, you may be swimming in a sea of customer data. But while that information exists, you may have little to no expertise in how to leverage it… or even how to access it. It’s the difference between being a data-driven company and just a company that happens to have a lot of data.

Data Analysis


As a business leader, you’re busy doing what you do best—leading your business. High10 knows how difficult it is to keep up with the digital marketing trends and enhancements that can help your company reach its objectives… and that’s why we exist. High10 was founded to provide more than just implementation of basic digital tactics. We collect extensive research for our clients on their industries, target audience and competition, identifying opportunities for success and providing budget stewardship throughout our partnership.

Before creating any marketing plan, High10 asks questions—seeking to understand the business objectives your company needs to achieve to be successful and what events need to happen in order to accomplish those goals. Then we dive deeply into information about your industry, your competitors, your current and potential customers and the trends that affect them, along with much, much more. We consider all that information in the context of our extensive experience with digital marketing and the ongoing evolution of online consumer behavior, then use that combination of facts and factors to craft a marketing plan designed to help deliver the successful outcome you want.

This strategic planning process serves as the foundation for the marketing tactics to be executed over the next 12-18 months, during which High10 continues to provide ongoing digital marketing consultation on a monthly basis. In this way, we strive to serve as a true marketing partner with your business, with a vested interest in seeing you succeed.